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Eating is confusing!

With so much information available, you would think we would have cracked the code on “the right way to eat” by now. But in reality, most of us are more confused than ever, trying to sort through all of the different options when it comes to health, nutrition, and cooking.

So why not let someone who is CONSTANTLY thinking about food, figure out your food problems for you?

My name is Ben, and I am a Food Coach.

My Approach

We all have unique and different struggles when it comes to food. Maybe you know how you’d like to eat, but figuring out how to make that happen in the kitchen is another story. Maybe you have a list of dietary restrictions, and you’re no longer sure what you can even eat! My job is to learn about what you’re struggling with, and to create practical solutions to make it easier for you to live a healthier, better life through food.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is not a one-size-fits-all situation anymore. It would genuinely be my pleasure to help you figure out whats right for you, and how we can work together to help you live a better life though food.